January 4, 2006

Tracking Dependencies with Components and XMI

his fourth installment in an ongoing series on XMI leads me to a discussion of components. Components are an essential building block of your data model and are thus a valuable asset to any developer who is using models and XMI. In this article, I will discuss how components are

Determine How Many Times a String Is Found Inside Another String

The following function finds out how many times a string is found inside another string: create function fnOccurances (@string varchar(8000),@pattern varchar(4000)) returns smallint asbegin declare @i int declare @counter int set @i=0 set @counter=0 while charindex(@pattern,@string,@i) != 0 begin set @i=charindex(@pattern,@string,@i)+1 set @counter = @counter + 1 end return @counterend

Windows Communication Foundation: Service Reliability is the Key

o far, this Windows Communication Foundation (WCF, formerly known as Indigo) series has provided a primer, and discussed security and transactions. The final pillar in the tripod that supports software-as-a-service is reliability, with which you can achieve the secure, transactable, and reliable services that WCF promises. But what is reliability,