January 5, 2006

Use a Profiler to Make Your Java Apps JVM-Friendly

hile veteran C and C++ developers know how hard it is to debug software memory problems, younger Java developers don’t need to learn about them because Java handles memory automatically using the garbage collector (GC). When a Java developer creates a new Java object, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) allocates

Find Out What Cipher Suites Are Supported in JSSE

You can make the Java Secure Socket Extension list the supported cipher suites using the following code: SocketFactory SSLF=SSLSocketFactory.getDefault(); SSLsoclu=SSLF.createSocket(“”,443); String[] cipher_suites=((SSLSocket)SSLsoclu).getSupportedCipherSuites(); for(int i=0;i

Why Not to Use an Exit Within a Loop

This recent tip gives advice on how to include an exit within a loop to avoid repeated code. While avoiding repeated code is prudent, using an exit from a loop is not. Using the exit can result in ill-defined variable status. One of the first things students are told about