January 26, 2006

Sun’s New Wireless Toolkit Keeps Up with the Mobile Joneses

s the holiday season wraps up, many of you might have received new cell phones, PDAs, or other electronic gadgets. Many are probably equipped with J2ME. The ever-increasing capabilities in these small devices never cease to amaze. The boundaries that used to classify these consumer electronic devices also continue to

Using a Default Button and a Multiline Text Box on the Same Form

Suppose you have a button that uses a Default property (set to true) and are editing text in a multiline text box on the same form. When you press the enter, the button’s click event fires rather than having a new line added to the text box. Placing the following

Protecting Freed Memory

When you’re freeing memory, remember to set the memory contents to 0 so no other malicious program can read it after it’s been freed. //For example#define DATA_SIZEBOOL function(){ char pszData = NULL; //Memory pointer //Allocate memory pszData = new char [DATA_SIZE]; if(pszData == NULL){ return(FALSE); } //Reset the memory Initially

A Fast Way to Create a Large Folder Hierarchy in SharePoint

Creating a large folder hierarchy in SharePoint Document Library using Microsoft’s standard GUI takes a lot of time&#151which is unnecessary. Here’s an easier way: Create the folder hierachy first on the hard disk. In Internet Explorer, select Open from File Menu. Provide just the link of the document library?for example,

Determine Whether a Given Column Name Is an Identity or Not

There are actually two ways in which you can find out whether a given column name is an identity or not in SQL Server: Method One: Select ColumnProperty(Object_id(‘Table_Name’), ‘FieldName’, ‘IsIdentity’) Method Two: Declare @colName varchar(100)Declare @RetColName varchar(100)Set @colName = ‘FieldName’ –Status column = 128 means its an identity columnSelect @RetColName=[name]