February 8, 2006

Caching in JavaScript Improves Performance

Along with caching the objects, you can also enhance a script’s performance by caching the entire script?in other words, by including it in a .js file. This way, the browser loads the script only once and recalls it from the cache for the subsequent requests: You can use this method

Suppress Logs from Libraries

How many times have you tried to get rid of the intrusive log messages from the API you’re using? The solution is easy: in your log4j configuration file, just include a logger name for the vendor and suppress their log messages. Here’s an example: The above example uses DEBUG-level logging

A Step in the Right Direction: VTD-XML Improves XML Processing

f you are among those enterprise developers routinely facing the tasks of processing large XML files whose sizes range from tens to hundreds of megabytes, most likely you have used one of the two types of XML parsers: DOM (Document Object Model): This is a tree-based, XML-processing API specification. Because