February 28, 2006

X- and Y-Axis Transformations in SQL Server

hen I was writing code for user interfaces, I needed to present data in different ways. Logically it wasn’t difficult, but since the presentation layout was often quite different from the storage (tables’) structure, I had to use numerous record sets, loops, and arrays to manipulate the X and Y

Java SE 6 First Impressions: A Desktop Winner

he recently released Java Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6, a.k.a. Mustang) beta is feature complete and stable enough for mainstream evaluation. I downloaded and test drove the release in its first week of availability and came away particularly impressed with the new desktop features. Besides sporting the new naming

Flash Mobile: Coming to a Hand Near You

y now, it’s certainly no secret to anyone that Flash is a successful delivery option for animation and interactive content on the desktop. Flash content can be distributed in its own standalone player, which is said to be available to almost 98 percent of Internet viewers. With the desktop delivery