March 15, 2006

Detecting the Properties and Limits of Numeric Datatypes

++ has about 10 distinct integral datatypes and three more floating point datatypes. Each datatype has different numeric properties such as the numeric range, the maximum number of digits it can represent, and a different precision. These properties are critical in financial, scientific, graphical, and DSP applications. This article will

Avoid Conflict when Using Dates

Suppose you have imported both java.util and java.sql packages into your program and you wish to use a Date class. This would create a conflict because both the packages have a Date class. To overcome this, give a fully qualified name when using the Date class. For example: java.util.Date d=

Clear All the Controls in a Form

Use this code to clear all the controls in a form. ‘ Inputs : Frm – Form to clear’ All – If False, then only those controls whose TAGFIXED will be cleared’ Note: If Contents of certain controls need not be cleared, set the TAG property of those controls to

An Incremental Search in the .NET IDE

Suppose you want to search for the strings com, comment, and comments in your code. Press Ctrl + I and start typing. The .NET IDE will start searching as you type. For example, when you’ve finished typing com, you will see com highlighted in your code. If you want to

Book Excerpt: Python Essential Reference, 3rd Edition

ython is a stable general-purpose programming language used in nearly all application domains by companies such as Yahoo and Industrial Light and Magic. Python Essential Reference, 3rd Edition, is a comprehensive reference book to the Python programming language. The focus of this latest edition is to add coverage of significant

Against the Browser’s Will: Make Mashups Talk Across Domains

aps are not only very useful, but they are also cool! In recent months, we have seen a lot of innovation in the area of online maps. Today we are far beyond the time when Photoshop was the most efficient way to overlay data onto a map within your homepage.