March 22, 2006

Retrieve Records from a Supplied SQL Statement

To retrieve the required field from the table based on the supplied condition, use the following code: Function GetQueryResults(strSql As String, Optional ReadOnly As Boolean = True) _As Recordset Dim

Run Tomcat with a Security Manager

To run Tomcat with a security manager, you must add your own policy lines to the catalina.policy file?like when you build a SecurityManager. The catalina.policy file can be found here:

Finding a SQL Server Object

To find a SQL Server object, such as a user table, query the sysobjects system table in the local database. If the database name is unknown, use the following query:

Speed Up Your SQL Inserts

atabase performance is one of the most critical characteristics of almost any application, and for the developer or DBA it usually depends on how fast they can retrieve data. Hence,

Using Ink on the Web

he Tablet PC SDK makes it easy to get Ink onto your Web page, but then what? This article walks you through the easy part and then dives into some