May 3, 2006

Nested DataGrids Simplify Hierarchical Data Display

uppose you are asked to write an ASP.NET search page that performs a database search and displays the results?employee names, recent project assignments for each, and hours billed per week per assignment. Would you approach the task by dynamically constructing HTML tables in a code-behind page using code such as

Escape Sequences in .NET Resource Files

Displaying strings from.NET resource files may be a puzzle if the strings include escape sequences. For example, take the newline (linefeed) character. Suppose you want to display a hardcoded text in a Message Box, you might write your C# code as follows: string myString = “Show me on the first

Reading Multiple Variables Simultaneously

Suppose you want to input name, age, and grade from the console. You may write: string name,int age;int grade;cin >> name;cin >> age;cin >> grade; But it’s also possible to combine all three and write this: cin >> name >> age >> grade;

Signing a .jar File in Java

Everyone wants their applications to be secure and to disallow unauthorized changes. Java makes this task relatively easy for developers and deployment teams with the jarsigner tool. Assuming you have a .jar file named myapp.jar and you want to sign it using your own keystore. The command may look something