June 14, 2006

Speeding Up Table Creation Activity

Suppose table A is very large and you want to create table B using create table… as select and want to speed up this activity. You can use the nologging

Using System.arraycopy(…..)

When you need the contents of an array for processing, you no longer have to write loops to copy the required contents from the main to the sub-array. Java has

Typeid: Cross-Platform/Compiler Issues

DevX Tech Tip “Performance of typeid vs. dynamic_cast” specifies that it is advised to use typeid in place of dynamic_cast in deeply-rooted class hierarchies to achieve better performance. However, keep

Tech·Ed Offers Previews of Powerful Tools

Boston?At Microsoft’s Tech?Ed 2006 conference in Boston this week the pre-conference keynote on Sunday night discussed little of importance to developers?which was a good thing, as many attendees didn’t arrive