July 12, 2006

Using Crossfire 6.0 and Visual Studio to Build Blackberry Applications

ne dilemma developers face when building applications for mobile platforms is deciding which platform to focus on. In the past, Microsoft developers’ choices were limited to Windows Mobile-based platforms; but AppForge’s Crossfire makes it possible to write mobile applications using Visual Studio and C# or VB.NET that run on any

Using Break and a Label to Exit a Loop

Although it is perfectly okay to use a goto to exit a nested loop, many developers prefer not to use gotos. Another way to exit a complicated, nested block of code and go to some specific place is to use the form of the break statement combined with a label.

Hear a PDF Instead of Reading It

Did you know you can listen to any PDF instead of reading it? It’s possible with Adobe Reader 6.0+. Here’s the short cut: CTRL+SHIFT+B: This allows you to hear the entire Document (or, you can use View&#151>Read Out Loud&#151>Read to the End of Document). CTRL+SHIFT+V: This allows you to hear

Printing Color Lines in VB

Have you ever had a problem printing lines in color from VB6 (SP4)? The following code works correctly on a PictureBox, but prints black on the Printer (HP LaserJet and Lexmark): Object.ForeColor = vbRed Object.Line (X1, Y1)-(X2, Y2) ‘ red on PictureBox, black on Printer Object.Print “Text” ‘ ok on