August 8, 2006

The Value of Data Archiving

Table(s) holding every day transaction data can grow huge in size over period of time. This not only slows down applications, it also causes database contention leading to maintainence nightmare.A

Folder Sharing in Windows

Have you ever needed to share many folders simultaneously? Windows provides an executable to do just that. It’s called the “Share Creation Wizard.” Call this wizard by typing SHRPUBW in

Activate Your Word Documents with VSTO

he word processor was invented to simplify the preparation of words to be printed on paper. It offered font management, layout management, and the ability to type words onto a

Batch Processing in Hibernate

Suppose you need to insert 200,000 records into a database in Hibernate. You’ll need to adjust the following settings: //set the JDBC batch size (it is fine somewhere between 20-50)hibernate.jdbc.batch_size