August 15, 2006

Security at Home: Shore Up Your Home Network

ost people would never leave home with their doors and windows unlocked?leaving an invitation for someone to steal their valuable possessions. Neither should they leave the entrances to their personal

Web Control Templates Explained

n my travels I’ve had a chance to spread the good word of Web control development to many around the country; and I’ve also had a chance to meet many

Putting Content on a Diet

don’t know about you, but I fight a constant battle with weight. I’m sedentary, writing and coding, 99 percent of the time. The occasional huffing and puffing on the bicycle

Heard on .NET Rocks!: Talking .NET with Tim Huckaby

am the host of “.NET Rocks!”, an Internet audio talk show for .NET developers online at and My co-host Richard Campbell and I interview the movers and shakers

Whither T-SQL?

number of developments over the past 12 months have brought me to a conclusion: Transact SQL (T-SQL) must go. The trusty old workhorse language that powers our SQL Server databases