August 29, 2006

Use a Macro to Improve Your Debug Output

Frequently, and especially during development and debugging, you want to write out the values of a variable. To distinguish these variables, label them by putting this directive in: #define PUTOUT(x) cout

Hiding Columns in a DataGrid

Using the column index to hide columns in a DataGrid can pose a problem if the index changes. Here’s a quick workaround for when the columns are auto-generated. Using column indexes, you’d hide the second column using the code: myGrid.Columns[1].Visible=false; You need to modify the column index in the code

Build an Error-Submission System for Your JavaScript/AJAX App Users

nd-user JavaScript bugs would be easier to debug if you had access to the end-user’s computer. Since you don’t, you can do the next best thing: get users to send you what you need to fix the problem. When applications like the Mozilla browser crash, they launch bug-submission programs. These