September 14, 2006

Read the First Line of a Text File

This code shows you how to use the instance methods from the FileReader and BufferedReader classes with a Xalan 2 processor to read the first line from a text file.

Retrieve Totals from a Dataset Without Looping

Have you ever looped through the entire dataset to get the totals you need to put in the footer? The DataTable.Compute method eliminates this hassle by retrieving commonly performed arithemetic

Removing an Unused Window Service

Removing an unused Window service involves removing your registry key. Go to Start?>Run?>regedit. Find the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services Locate the service name you want to remove. Press key to remove the

Retaining Multiple Sets of User Settings

sers want their forms to be in the same position the next time they open their application. While Visual Studio 2005 out of the box provides a way to store