October 12, 2006

Simplify Dependent Lists with the Microsoft AJAX CascadingDropDown Control

ne key problem that AJAX addresses is improving Web application user interfaces. By reducing the need to constantly refresh the entire Web page, Atlas helps ensure that your Web application is always responsive to user actions. For example, suppose you’re filling in a Web form to register for a free

Solve the Forwarding Problem and Simulate Containers of References

R1 recently enhanced the standard header with a small reference wrapping library that includes the class template reference_wrapper and the helper functions ref() and cref(). This mini-library library solves the onerous problem of argument forwarding. In addition, it enables you to simulate containers of references. The following sections explain how

A Practical Guide to Seven Agile Methodologies, Part 1

s we near the fifth anniversary of the Agile Manifesto, the shift from Waterfall software development to Agile methodologies and practices continues to gain momentum. At this year’s Agile 2006 Conference in Minneapolis, MN, there was much discussion about whether Agile had “crossed the chasm” yet (a la the book