October 18, 2006

Determine Whether a Value is Numeric

JavaScript has a built-in function called isNAN that can be used to check if a value is numeric or not. The isNan function returns true if the value is not

Range Checking Vectors

This standard library vector can be used like an array. For example: std::vector v(2); // vector of size 2v[0] = 5;v[1] = v[0]; If you’re using an out-of-range index, the

Rename a File Using Java

Java allows you to rename a file by using the renameTo(File file) method, in the class. First, obtain a reference to the file that you want to rename. Second,

Date Formats for the DATE Data Type

SQL Server offers two date formats for the DATE data type that are considered safe in situations where computer settings differ or when SET DATEFORMAT or SET LANGUAGE are used.