November 16, 2006

Business Process Management: Bridging the Gap between Business and IT

rganizations the world over are looking for better flexibility and higher productivity. They need software applications that are not only long-lasting but also adaptable to change. Business process management (BPM) is a revolution in the software industry today that’s providing such capabilities. BPM may be defined as the practice of

Calculate the Angle Between Two Lines

This code shows you how to calculate the angle between two lines using vectors and an inverse cosine function: Public Function getAngleBetweenLinesVect(commonX As Single, commonY As Single, X1 As Single, Y1 As Single, Y2 As Single, X2 As Single) As Double’check if both the lines are the same, if they

Assign Multiple Styles to an Element Without Burdening Your Browser

It’s common to want to assign several styles to an element. Normally, you’d do that this way: = ‘absolute’; = ‘0px’; = ‘0px’;… etc … However, there’s a way to pare this down to a single assignment?saving time, reducing not only the number of assignments the browser needs to

A .NET Assembly Log Viewer

This utility tool logs the information when you build the assembly and is packaged along with the .NET Framework Tools. It allows you to view all the assembly bindings in an application. This means that if there’s a failure, it’s been logged along with complete descriptions of said failure. For

Defining the Cursor Position in a Text Field

Suppose you want to place your cursor in a text field at a desired position. Your text field has a display size of 20 characters and a data size of 50 characters. If you enter all 50 characters, it’s tedious to try to see the entire text. Rather than lose