November 30, 2006

Using Microsoft Robotics Studio to Program Parallax’s Boe-Bot

f you have ever wanted to experiment with robots but thought they were too expensive or complicated, think again. Earlier this year, Microsoft released a Community Technical Preview (CTP) of a new product named Microsoft Robotics Studio. The free software allows you to build applications that control robots using ASP.NET.

How to Backup an SQL Server Database in a Shared Network Location

If you’re running SQL Server under the Local System account, it will not have rights to backup the database on a network share. You’ll need to change the SQL Server account to perform such a backup. Here’s the procedure: Stop the SQL service. Go to Start?>Run?>services.msc select MSSQLSERVER. Right click

Iterate Through Characters in a String Using String.ToCharArray

VB.NET supports String.ToCharArray. You can use it to change a string into an array of characters so you can easily iterate through them: Dim intCounter As Integer Dim chrArray() As Char chrArray = strInput.ToCharArray ‘Iterate through the string. For intCounter = 0 To chrArray.Length – 1 MsgBo>:chrArray(intCounter)) NextEnd Sub

Build an Entity Resolver to Redirect a SAX Parser

This tip shows you how to bulid an entity resolver to “change” a public indentifier into a system identifier. The idea is to override the resolveEntity method of the EntityResolver interface: public InputSource resolveEntity(String id_public,String id_system){ if (id_public.equals(“-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN”)) return(new InputSource( “”)); return null; }