December 12, 2006

MVP Corner: A Baker’s Dozen of Reflections

any topics flit through my mind; I thought I’d share a few…. 1) Many developers use Web services. WCF is coming, but those pronouncing .NET remoting as dead should talk to those continuing to use it! Many use remoting and are excited about remoting enhancements in Visual Studio 2005 (secure

Explore ASP.NET 2.0 Web Part Infrastructure

eb applications today do a number of things. A Web site could be a banking site, a content management system, or a news center. In spite of this diversity, it almost always makes sense to break a Web page into smaller, reusable widgets that you can share in any other

Heard on .NET Rocks!: Microsoft Pundits

am the host of “.NET Rocks!”, an Internet audio talk show for .NET developers online at and My co-host Richard Campbell and I interview the movers and shakers in the .NET community. We have nearly 200 shows archived online, and we publish a new show every Tuesday morning.

Finalize(): Profiles from Afar

have a friend with whom I have a never-ending IM conversation. You know what I mean: We never say “Hello” or “TTYL”. Conversations just gradually flow in and out, as in some extended stream of consciousness. Ever since I left Los Angeles, this friend and I can’t meet for lunch,

I Have a Dream

ast month I was corresponding with a CoDe Magazine reader. I’ve had similar conversations numerous times, only this conversation ended with a twist. The author asked: I didn’t receive the last two issues of Code-Magazine!! We had a war in Lebanon, as you know, and now things are getting better.