December 19, 2006

Recursive Function Finds a Control on a Form

This recursive function finds a control on a form by its name. //written in C#/// &ltsummary&gt///Recursive function to find control on the form by its name/// private Control _co;private Control

Make a Picture’s Background Transparent

If you have images that are supposed to have transparent portions, but have lost the transparency information, you can use Microsoft Word to restore the transparent color. First, paste the

Constrain an HTML Input Box to Uppercase

The easiest way to constrain an HTML input box to uppercase is to use the STYLE attribute inside the INPUT tag. Suppose you have the following code: &ltinput type=”text” name=”big”

Create XMLSchema DataTypes Direct from Java

This tip shows you how to create XMLSchema datatypes direct from Java, using the javax.xml.datatype.* package. In this example you’ll create a Duration object (xs:duration in XMLSchema) and a XMLGregorianCalendar