January 3, 2007

ClickOnce: Delivering .NET Applications Via the Net

rom the simplest point of view, ClickOnce is a software technology from Microsoft that gives .NET developers the ability to publish complete applications (executable programs along with their resource and

Force Attribute Value Inheritance in XSL-FO

To force an XSL-FO attribute to inherit the value of another attribute, use the inherited-property-value: &ltfo:block color=”blue”> Hello to you!!! The idea is that the “Hello” foreground will be blue

Obtain a Secure PDF from an FOP Processor

This tip shows you how to obtain a secure PDF from an FOP processor. This means the user can’t open the PDF without a user password and, once downloaded, cannot

How to Draw a Spiral in VB

Using a loop and the mathematical formula for a spiral, you can use pset(x,y) to plot the points returned by the formulas. The variables a and b determine the shape