January 17, 2007

Build Faster with This Turnkey SWT Project Template

he Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) is growing in popularity, as evidenced by its use in applications like Azureus and RSSOwl. In this 10-minute solution, you will learn how to make use of an SWT project template that can greatly reduce the time required to build small and medium-sized applications.

Using the URLEncoder/URLDecoder Classes

To include special characters such as spaces and quotes in a URL string, you need to encode them. Similarly, you need to decode encoded characters in a URL to recover the original URL. The following code demonstrates how to code/decode a string using the URLEncoder/URLDecoder classes. import java.net.*;public class URL_Encoder_Decoder{public

Use DataTable.Rows.Find() Instead of DataTable.Select()

ADO.NET generates indexes on the primary key(s). So, if you have to search a datatable for records based on some primary key value, use DataTable.Rows.Find() instead of DataTable.Select(). The Find method will use the index to find the row. This turns out to be faster because of the presence of

Using Firefox’s JavaScript Console

When a JavaScript error occurs in IE, it shows a popup message asking whether you want to continue the script (if you’ve disabled this popup window, the error notification shows in the status bar). This doesn’t happen with Firefox?you’re simply left frustated, not knowing why your JavaScript won’t run. There’s

The Top 12 Productivity Killers in Your Development Methodology

hy are so many articles and books written about development methodologies? I believe it’s because improving the efficiency of a development team is a never-ending battle. Technology keeps changing and teams must adapt or die, but adapting is time-consuming. Customers need fast development cycles with higher quality. With the advent