January 23, 2007

Use Javascript Templates in Static HTML Pages

If your site contains pure static HTML pages, you’ll have a tedious time entering the same header and footer HTML tags on all the pages. This is where JavaScript comes to the rescue. JavaScript allows you to centralize this information in header.js and footer.js files. This way, you call those

How to Use Oracle Java XQuery API

This code outlines the main steps involved in using the Oracle Java XQuery API (OJXQI). If you are familiar with the DataDirectXQuery – XQuery for Java (DDXQ-XQJ), you may notice a some similarities. XQueryContext XQC=new XQueryContext(); try { //the XQuery query is in a file called Q.xquery //the XML file

Use String.Compare to Compare Case-insensitive Strings

To perform a case-insensitive string comparison, use the String.Compare function. One of this function’s overloaded methods has a third paramenter (boolean) which specifies whether a case should be ignored or not. “Srinath” == “srinath” //returns false System.String.Compare( “Srinath”, “srinath”, true ) //returns true

Exploring Geronimo’s GBean Framework

eronimo is built around an Inversion of Control (IoC) kernel that consumes and manages components called GBeans. The GBean framework is the vehicle by which new behaviors are added to the Geronimo kernel. Almost everything in Geronimo?including containers, adapters, and applications?is a GBean. This article introduces you to the GBean