February 14, 2007

Process an XSL-FO Document

Sometimes you need to process an XSL-FO document that is the result of an XSLT transformation. Actually, the XSL-FO document doesn’t exist, it is just a stream of SAX events. In a Java application, this can be done with the FOP processor classes: //the XML documentC:Data_LocalxmldocsAirWings_xpath_xslt.xml//the XSL stylesheetC:Data_LocalxmldocsAirWings_xslt_fop.xsl//the output –

Trimming Spaces in JavaScript Using a Regular Expression

One simple way of trimming a string is to make use of a powerful regular expression?as opposed to iterating and removing the space characters one by one. To see how this works, save the code below as an .htm file, and then load the file into IE. Click in the

Malfunctioning CacheDuration Attribute

The CacheDuration attribute of a WebMethod does not work as intended in the .NET Framework 1.1. Methods that use HTTP GET fail if the .NET Framework is v1.1. That’s because, by default, the HTTPGet protocol is not enabled. A simple workaround is to enable HTTPGet in the web.config file using

Monitoring and Enforcing Design Dependencies with Verifydesign

lthough software and architectural reuse has been a constant drumbeat in the technical press for many years, it’s still common to see code and designs that violate many principles of reuse. For example, how many software systems have you seen that are similar to the diagram in Figure 1? Or