March 6, 2007

Using the FOP-to-AWT Viewer

When you want to use the FOP-to-AWT Viewer from a Java application, you can use the This application is available in the fop-0.20.5examplesembeddingjavaembedding directory. Using this class, you don’t

Quickly Updating the URL in a Web Service

One common problem in Web service development occurs when the URL for a Web service changes. It would be ideal if you could configure this through a config file instead

Remove MS SQL Server Completely

Microsoft has several different versions of SQL and occasionally an install fails or an upgrade fails and normal uninstallation is impossible. MS recommends that you use regedit to delete all

Javascript Errors in Firefox

Because browsers other than IE don’t create global variables for every part of the page/DOM, you need to qualify references to the form and its elements in non-IE browsers. You