August 28, 2007

JavaFX Enters the RIA Race

ich Internet Application or RIAs are all the rage in application development circles now. How do you make web applications behave like more traditional desktop applications? You remember desktop applications don’t you? Harken back to the days of drag-and-drop, slide bars, dynamic widget enabling, disabling, background coloring, etc.?all to make

A Straightforward Approach to Silverlight Component Design

icrosoft recently took WPF/E (which stood for Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) out of the labs and released it as Silverlight, a new technology that lets you run XAML-based content—including animations and interactivity—in a web browser in a manner similar to Adobe Flash or Sun’s Java. At this time Microsoft supports

Fresh AIR for RIAs

ich Internet Applications (RIAs) represent not only an established, but a rapidly expanding, segment of software development. Although descriptions of RIA abound, most people agree that they blur the line between server-based and desktop applications. Typically, RIAs are more robust and feature-rich than conventional web applications. In most cases they

Managed Code Shines in Silverlight 1.1

n addition to the XAML and JavaScript combination supported in Silverlight 1.0, this Silverlight 1.1 Alpha client also supports managed code written in a language such as C# or VB.NET. That single addition brings many more development possibilities into play, and also pulls in a host of exisiting .NET developers,

A Veteran JFC/Swing Developer Makes the Leap to JavaFX Script

ver since the Internet emerged, developers and the user community have tried tirelessly to lend Internet application interfaces the same interactivity their desktop applications offered. As the Internet evolved, client-side scripting languages such as JavaScript allowed developers to add dynamic behavior to browser-based applications. However, because different browsers handle JavaScript

Have You Xiine It?

his is an exciting time for CoDe Magazine and EPS Software Corp.! For the last year or so, we have been building a brand new, .NET 3.0-based digital publishing platform called “Xiine”. I am happy to announce that we’ve now shipped Xiine! What Exactly Is Xiine?The Xiine platform allows publishers