September 12, 2007

Make Column Headings Behave as a Fixed Header Row in Excel

Excel spreadsheets can grow to a very large number of rows. After the spreadsheet grows beyond a single page, the column headings scroll off the page, making it very difficult to remember what the column headings are. The following steps show how to make the column headings behave as a

Override Base Methods in a Form

If one class is inheriting from another class, a quick, easy way to find the available overrides is through .NET’s IntelliSense. Simply type “override” in a class and .NET will provide all the overrides available in the base class.

JSP and the Introspection Process

The introspection process allows the JSP engine to populate a JavaBean with the values provided by a client through an HTML form. //when the names of the bean properties match the names of the HTML //form&ltjsp:useBean id=”bean_name_here” class=”bean_class_here” scope=”page|request|session|application”&gt //when the names of the bean properties don’t match the names