October 18, 2007

My Nightmare, and an Apology

rom 1981 through 1986, I taught high school. I was fresh out of college (OK, a semester of engineering grad school which “didn’t take”), didn’t really know what to do, had helped teach a few courses while an undergrad, and figured “Hey, I can do this!” At the time, private

Heard on .NET Rocks! Dead Head Bill Wagner

n episode #223 Richard and I spoke to Bill Wagner (co-founder of SRT Solutions and C# MVP) about C# and, of all things, the Grateful Dead. Well, OK, it was about evangelism and how the Dead did it right. Here’s a short passage from that interview. Carl Franklin: Let’s talk

Seeing the Silverlight

icrosoft has officially entered the space of rich interactive browser development with a new product called Silverlight. To better understand what Silverlight is you simply need to take a look at Adobe Flash. Silverlight is a CLR-based competitor to Flash. Just like Flash, Silverlight is a cross-platform (Windows and MAC)

MVP Corner: 13 Steps for Building an Article

s a kid/teen, I wrote short stories and read tons of magazines: Boy’s Life, Baseball Digest, Twilight Zone, and MAD Magazine. My parents knew how to keep me occupied on long road trips. In college I studied English, read newsletters, and wanted to write novels, though computers also intrigued me.