January 16, 2008

Using the &lt< and &gt> XQuery Operators

When you want to determine the order of articles into an sequence returned by an XQuery query, you can use the > operators: – X > Y: is true if Y is before X; For example, suppose you have the following sequence of strings: Shark, Daisy, Hunter, Lego, Helly Use

Avoid Scrolling for Information in the Same Document

Using the Windows “split” feature available in the VS.NET IDE, you can split the document window into two and have two windows with the same content aligned horizontally. This allows you to find information quickly and avoid long scrolls.

Easy Way to Save a Collection of POJO Java Objects

Consider a simple POJO class, like the one shown below: Class Person{ long id; String firstName; String lastName; …} Now, suppose you want to persist a collection of Person objects. You can do it using the following code: EntityManagerFactory factory = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory(“testSample”);OpenJPAEntityManager em = (OpenJPAEntityManager) factory.createEntityManager();em.getTransaction().begin();List perList = new ArrayList();perList.add(new

Book Excerpt: ASP.NET Data Presentation Controls Essentials

s you design and implement ASP.NET web applications, you will need to fully master the techniques for displaying data to users. This need led Microsoft to develop the many different data presentation controls that ship with ASP.NET. These controls are data-bindable server controls that help you organize data and display