March 25, 2008

Make Your Mouse Pointer Tremble

To make your mouse pointer appear to be trembling, you first create a form with ScaleMode = 3 – Pixel. Then use the following code: Option ExplicitPrivate Type POINTAPI X

Using Explicit Casting to Display Data

Suppose you’ve retrieved data from a datasource and you want to display the value of field1. Normally, you’d do this by using the &lt%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,”field1″) %&gt in the aspx/ascx file.

Validating an XML Document

The following code shows you how to use the DOMImplementationLS and DOMConfiguration classes to validate an XML document only when an XML Schema is present: DOMImplementationLS DOMiLS=null;//get a LSParserLSParser LSP=DOMiLS.createLSParser(DOMImplementationLS.MODE_SYNCHRONOUS,