April 8, 2008

Design and Use of Moveable and Resizable Graphics, Part 1

eople communicate with computers on two different levels. On the upper level you see a very flexible system of windows: you can move them, resize, overlap, or put side by side. However, starting an application immediately removes all the flexibility, leaving you to work only inside the scenario developed by

Pure Virtual Functions Declared as Private in C++ Classes

The following code may seem strange at first sight: class Base{private: virtual void f() = 0;}; How can a pure virtual function be private? Will the derived class be able to override it? Actually, it’s possible for pure virtual functions to have any access modifier: private, protected, or public. Moreover,

Load an Image Using the JAI API

This tip shows you how to use the JAI API to load an image named myimage.jpg in just three lines of code: ParameterBlock parameterBlock=new ParameterBlock();parameterBlock.add(“myimage.jpg”);myimage=JAI.create(“fileload”,parameterBlock);…

Extending the Existing CLR Type

Yes, you read that right. With .NET 3.0, you can extend any existing CLR type by adding one or more public methods to it?without recompiling the library. These new members are available only to the assembly that defines the methods, a feature known as “extension methods.” First, declare a static

Going Live with a Grails-Powered Blog

he DevX article Build Your First Grails Project: A Grails-Powered Blog showed how easy it is to create a purely functional web application using Grails. This article expands on the original source code from Build Your First Grails Project to get the blog application ready to go live. The process