May 1, 2008

YAB? Just What You Need

The launch of the DevXtra Editors’ Blog is bound to raise the YAB (yet another blog) questions: Why, and why now? Those are fair in an age when everyone with an Internet connection and an opinion is blogging. Let me explain. Simply stated: The DevX editors have more to say.

Performing CRUD and Grouping Operations with the LinqDataSource Control

n a previous DevX article, you saw the basic process for using the LinqDataSource control to retrieve and display data. That article discussed functionality such as passing parameters to a LINQ query and executing a stored procedure. This article builds on that foundation by discussing more sophisticated features for creating

More Applications for the Semantic Web Needed

The Semantic Web is a vision, an idea, a base-set of technologies. It’s not something Dad picks up at the computer store. It’s not something the press understands very well. It’s certainly not on the minds of the general public. It’s not even something my brother-the-developer fully understands. Lots of head nods from