May 30, 2008

Just Say No to Controlling the Web

I’ve been stewing over this one for over a week now. I can’t believe it’s even necessary to write a post on this topic. What am I even talking about? Well, there are folks out there that want to control content on the web. I’m not talking about editors checking

Google I/O: The Web’s Wide Open for Developers

Google launched its largest and first paid-admission developer conference, Google I/O, yesterday in San Francisco with a 90-minute keynote session to show off a number of its web development products and initiatives. The message of the presentation, titled “Client, Connectivity, and the Cloud” and led by Google Engineering Vice President

XProc: Meta-Programming and Rube Goldberg

eclarative programming can take a little getting used to, especially if your standard mode of operation is working with languages like Java or C#. In essence, such programming requires that you think not of objects, properties and methods but rather of rules, filters and pipelines. Indeed, one reason that the