June 11, 2008

Implementing Enterprise Integration with Mule ESB

he sum of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is greater than its parts. While you can?often quite easily?implement your own adapters for enterprise services, a pre-packaged product that comes with a tested, documented, and standardized set of adapters for almost any common enterprise service is often a better solution. When

Read an Image from a Database Using the getBinaryStream Method

This following code shows you how to extract an image (in this example, named foto_9738533.gif) from a database using the getBinaryStream method: try{ sql=”SELECT Foto FROM Table1 WHERE Nr_cont=9738533″; rs=st.executeQuery(sql); if(rs.next()) { is=rs.getBinaryStream(“Foto”); try{ java.io.FileOutputStream out= new java.io.FileOutputStream (“C:\sgbd\foto_9738533.gif”); byte[] bf = new byte[6144]; int foto_bytes=0; while ((foto_bytes = is.read(bf))!=-1)

Using Data Wizards in .NET 2.0

When you use the data wizards in .NET 2.0, the connection string property is read only. However, the following code shows you how to change the connection string: ‘set a reference to system.configuration ‘set the following imports stratement above your class ‘Imports System.Configuration ‘ Get the application configuration file. Dim

Creating Tables in the Default Tablespace

Developers typically create tables in the default tablespace. Most of them are not familiar with the actual tablespaces concept and are not aware that this is responsible for the issues they encounter when large data is pumped into said tables. The following solution is simple and helps resolve this problem.

Calling a Virtual Method from a Non-Virtual Method

How can you tell which f2() will be invoked: A::f2() method or B::f2()? In the following code, f1 is not virtual?thus, it calls A::f1(); which in turn calls the f2() function. Because f2() is virtual, it doesnt call A::f2() it calls B::f2(). class A{public: void f1(){cout&lt