July 9, 2008

Semantic Technologies with Functionality

When I started with DevX, I knew nothing of the Semantic Web and the technologies that surround it. As I researched the subject, I realized that while a segment of

Using the innerHTML Property

To change the text that appears when users click on a button in your program, use JavaScript’s innerHtml property. &ltscript type=”text/javascript”&gtfunction changeText(){ document.getElementById(‘boldStuff’).innerHTML = ‘Fred Flintstone’;}Welcome to the site, dude

Create a “Night” Filter Using RGBImageFilter

This following code shows you how to create the “night” effect for an image using the RGBImageFilter: import java.awt.image.*;public class NightFilter extends RGBImageFilter { double frac; //0.0&lt=g>=16; int green=rgb &

Prevent Inheritance from a Base Class

Use code such as this to prevent subclasses from deriving from a base class: class myclass; class my_lock { friend class myclass; private: my_lock() {} my_lock(const my_lock&) {} }; class