July 9, 2008

Semantic Technologies with Functionality

When I started with DevX, I knew nothing of the Semantic Web and the technologies that surround it. As I researched the subject, I realized that while a segment of the developer community was heavily touting semantic technologies (ST), that everyday use was still three-quarters of a mile out of

Getting Started with OpenCalais and SearchMonkey

any digital documents reside on the web and other networks, but few of them have sufficient metadata to accurately identify the content. Adding metadata to a document has typically been the burden of the document author, and few authors take the time to create detailed metadata for their documents, relying

Quickly Set the Project Build Order for a .NET Solution

Currently, project solutions are built with many projects, each project including multiple component DLLs. You must manage the build order when some projects in the solution have dependencies on others; those projects that others depend on must be built first. It’s actually quite easy to set the project build order

Using the innerHTML Property

To change the text that appears when users click on a button in your program, use JavaScript’s innerHtml property. &ltscript type=”text/javascript”&gtfunction changeText(){ document.getElementById(‘boldStuff’).innerHTML = ‘Fred Flintstone’;}Welcome to the site, dude This changes the output from: “Welcome to the site, dude” to: “Welcome to the site, Fred Flintstone”

Create a “Night” Filter Using RGBImageFilter

This following code shows you how to create the “night” effect for an image using the RGBImageFilter: import java.awt.image.*;public class NightFilter extends RGBImageFilter { double frac; //0.0&lt=g>=16; int green=rgb & 0x0000FF00;green>>>=8; int blue=rgb & 0x0000FF; int r=(int) (red*frac); int g=(int) (green*frac); int b=(int) (blue*frac); return (0x000000FF

Prevent Inheritance from a Base Class

Use code such as this to prevent subclasses from deriving from a base class: class myclass; class my_lock { friend class myclass; private: my_lock() {} my_lock(const my_lock&) {} }; class myclass : public virtual my_lock { // … public: myclass(); myclass(char*); // … }; myclass m; class Der : public