August 14, 2008

Find the Java Bugs That Pose a Threat with FindBugs

indBugs is an open-source static analysis tool designed to find bugs in your Java code. Unlike many other static analysis tools, however, FindBugs concentrates almost exclusively on isolating potentially dangerous coding errors that could break your application. This powerful tool can find subtle yet dangerous bugs that other static analysis

Yahoo! Releases Fire Eagle Out of Beta

At a lunch conference yesterday, Yahoo! released Fire Eagle out of beta. This API allows you to broadcast your location to whomever you want, automatically or manually via your phone. You can post your location on your blog or other various sites. To me, and certain segments of the population,

Generating Generic XForms for OpenOffice

previous article on XForms in OpenOffice showed how to create a simple XForm in OpenOffice. My introduction to this particular technology came while working on the Danish UBL project, which needed a cross-platform implementation for some of the 23 UBL 2.0 document types intended for use by small businesses. The