October 1, 2008

Recognizing Barcodes in a Multi-Page .tiff Image

A very common use of Aspose.BarCode is to recognize barcodes from multi-page .tiff files. This tip will show you how to recognize barcodes with in a multi-page .tiff image. Here’s the code in C#: //Calculate the pages countSystem.Drawing.Image img =

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Using the onMouseDragged Event in JavaFX

It’s easy to implement a nice dragging effect in JavaFX, using the onMouseDragged event in conjunction with the bind operator (incremental and lazy evaluation of attributes operator). import javafx.ui.canvas.*;import javafx.ui.*;import java.lang.System;class CircleDragging extends CompositeNode{attribute lx: Integer;attribute ly: Integer;}CircleDragging.lx = 0;CircleDragging.ly

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Working with Objects in F#

In the article “An Introduction to F# for Functional Programming” you saw an example of working with basic shapes and calculating the total perimeter of a drawing based on those shapes (see Listing 1). You did that by enumerating the

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