June 17, 2009

Agile and UCD: Building the Right Thing, the Right Way

gile software development has hit the mainstream! Since the Agile Manifesto was published, various software development methodologies that follow the manifesto’s values have steadily gained popularity. Many organizations are adopting

How to Store Oracle 10g Log Files in XML

Logging is a top priority for any project. Current versions of most popular databases have excellent logging capabilities, but it’s not always easy to get the logged data in a

How to Detect JFrame Resizing

There are a couple of ways to track JFrame resizing. This method uses a while(true) loop, setting Thread.sleep to wait for some specified period of time. However, you could just

Create and Save Thumbnails of Web Pages

You can use the .NET WebBrowser control to take thumbnails or full-size screenshots of loaded web pages, and then use the Bitmap class to save them locally. For example, to