July 7, 2009

The HTML 5 Layout Elements Rundown

TML 5 is an interesting beastie. The specification was not planned; The W3C was committed to HTML 4.1 as the last word in HTML. As such, most of the requests

Returning Zero-Length Arrays in Java

It’s best not to return null from a method that returns an array type. Always returning an array, even if the array has zero length, greatly improves the generality of

RegEx.Split vs. String.Split

The String.Split method has few limitations. For example, it does not support splits on duplicate delimiters such as double pipe (||) characters, double tildes (~~), or double colons (::). The

Selecting Sort Order at Runtime

You can select which column to sort a SELECT statement by at runtime, using just one parameter. To do this, declare one parameter and use it with a CASE command.