January 21, 2010

Code Is the New Resume: How to Get an IT Job in Today’s Economy

Nearly everyone in the tech industry has been affected in some way by the economic downturn, but some are better positioned than others to weather the storm. Who are they? Open-source developers. “Their code?and thus their work?lives on in an open-source community, where it can easily be seen and used

Build an AJAX-Enabled CMS with Visual WebGUI: Adding Menu Components (III)

In the last two articles in the series I implemented the Model and the Controller parts for the menu system, and one implementation for the View part representing a Treeview-like menu. In this part I?ll show how to create a new implementation for menu visual component featuring an Outlook-like navigation

The Open Source Default

As all the controversies surrounding open-source have become messier, the model has slowly become more mainstream. InfoWorld notes that despite critical news reports, “Open source software is taking the lead in a number of categories, with big guys like Google and IBM using it as a wedge to dislodge commercial

iPhone Developer, $13.44/Hour

InformationWeek reports, “Independent iPhone game developer Noel Llopis, creator of the Flower Garden app, recently analyzed his first ten months of work and concluded that he was making $13.44 an hour during this period. That’s not exactly the iPhone gold rush that everyone has been talking about.” In fact, a