January 28, 2010

Free Linux Training to Help You Get a Job

Researchers say the demand for Linux experts could rise as much as 50 percent this year. For those looking to break into the field as a result of that forecast, the non-profit Linux Foundation has expanded its training offerings. The expanded offerings will include both webinars and classes taught by

Android Apps for Developers and IT Pros

Many developers are excited about the prospect of creating apps for the Android platform. The open SDK and the fact that you don’t have to sell your app through official Google channels make the platform particularly attractive. While the market for Android apps is still developing, it already includes a

Will Developers Flock to Apple’s Tablet?

According to the New York Times, “Analysts caution that creating software that takes advantage of the features of an Apple tablet — which are likely to include a bigger screen, a speedier processor, more memory and a more sophisticated graphics chip — could be an expensive endeavor.” End users may