January 29, 2010

Adobe: Flash Apps Will Run On The iPad, Even Full Screen At Some Point

The launch of the iPad has nothing to cool the debate between Apple and Adobe over Flash. While the latest Apple device officially does not support Flash, Adobe posted a blog titled “Building iPad Applications with Flash” to show developers how it can be done. Although the existing process does

Oracle Hails Java

On Wednesday, Oracle began to put to rest concerns about its plans for the Java programming language. Oracle exec Thomas Kurian called Java one of Sun’s crown jewels, noting, “Java is the world’s most popular programming language,” with almost 10 million developers. Kurian also outlined several specific plans for the

Five Common Mistakes Made in Moving to Agile Development

Curious about embracing Agile software development, but apprehensive about what lies in store if you do? Agile is quickly becoming a preferred approach to software development as it offers a lightweight framework for helping teams maintain a focus on the rapid delivery of software projects. Through a process of continuous