February 10, 2010

HTML 5 Leaves Client Storage Open to Web Attacks

Security researcher Michael Sutton warns that the types of offline storage specified in the HTML5 standards offer criminals new ways to attack users’ systems. Some applications that run entirely over the Web place a small relational database on user systems. Those databases allow people to use the apps offline, but

Apple Surveying iPhone Developers’ Happiness With The App Store

Last year, developers complained to Apple about the length of time it was taking to receive approval on iPhone apps, and the company responded by speeding up the process. Now, it’s taking its efforts to get along with the developer community one step further by asking them to complete a

Basic Market Forecasting with Encog Neural Networks

In this article I will show how to apply a neural network to financial prediction. This program is implemented as a Microsoft WPF application using C#. For neural network processing, it makes use of the Encog Artificial Intelligence framework. This application attempts to use some of the same principles that