March 2, 2010

State of Software Security Report

VeraCode says that 58 percent of applications submitted to the company for verification don’t achieve an acceptable security rating. Internally developed software fares the worst, with 88 percent of apps failing to meet security standards.

Windows Server AppFabric Reaches Beta 2 Milestone

First released in November 2009, Microsoft’s Windows Server AppFabric has just entered the beta 2 stage. The collection of application services includes the “Dublin” app server, “Velocity” caching technology, and .Net Services (the service bus and access control services). According to Microsoft, the first beta release of AppFabric has been

Google Go Captures Developers’ Imaginations

Four months ago, Google first unveiled Go, a new programming language that attempts to marry the speed of Python and the robustness of C++. While it’s still a work in progress, developers say they are impressed by Go’s concurrent programming model, its internal messaging capabilities, and Google’s quick response feedback

Six Key Trends in Quality Assurance Testing

The quality assurance landscape is undergoing a major transformation as QA organizations try to align their goals with the business goals of their companies. QA has a tough balancing act to perform — tackling business risks as well as cost reduction and ROI concerns, while building agility in their organizations