March 10, 2010

IT Gives Windows 7 the Green Light

In a new survey, 72 percent of organizations said they are planning to upgrade to Windows 7, and 70 percent said they were either already upgrading or would begin upgrading before the end of the year. That positive response is a marked contrast from the enterprise reception of Microsoft’s last

Palm Pushes WebOS Plug-In Kit

Palm is hoping that a new kit for developers will lead to better apps for its Pre and Pixi smartphones. The new PDK offers richer 3D graphics for a better user experience, particularly with gaming apps. Although developers can start using the new PDK now, they will not be able

Flex RESTing with MySQL

Adobe Flex is the premier rich Internet application (RIA) technology in the marketplace. Because of Flex’s toolset and support, you have many options for creating your next user interface (UI). Like many coders, I get an idea for my next application and start feverishly coding it with eye-popping effects and

iPhone Developers: What They Give Up to Get Into Apple’s App Store

After filing a freedom of information request related to NASA’s iPhone app, Fred von Lohmann with the EFF obtained a (previously elusive) copy of the agreement developers must sign to post their applications in Apple’s App Store. He was troubled by several sections, including: Section 7.2, which says that developers