March 11, 2010

The Top 6 Security Mistakes .NET Developers Make

Experts say that 70 percent of security breaches occur at the application level. While Microsoft has incorporated additional security features into the .Net framework, developers continue to make mistakes. The most common of those mistakes include not integrating security into development process, cross-site scripting, enabling debug options in the web.config

VMware Shares Experimental Projects on New Web Site

At the new VMWare Labs Web site a “fling” is a project in development that’s available for a “brief casual relationship” with users. Sexual innuendo aside, the site does offer some potentially useful tools. They include VMware Guest Console, which manages guest operating systems installed on a virtual machine; Apache

Google Opens Marketplace for Cloud Apps

In the newly unveiled Google Apps Marketplace, users can download apps that work with Google’s cloud-based apps. The new app store currently contains 50 third-party tools that enhance Gmail, Google Calendar, and other popular Google applications. Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group, noted “With their own app

Google Updates Android Developer Kit

According to Google, the latest version of the Android NDK should allow developers to create apps with better graphics and better overall performance. ” The NDK allows you to implement parts of your applications using native-code languages such as C and C++. This can provide benefits to certain classes of

Lock Down Vista Security with Smart Cards

If you’ve always wondered what a smart card is, here’s how to think about it: a smart card, used for authentication, is a mini computer that has a hardware and software component. The hardware component contains a micro chip/integrated circuit (ICC) as a memory card. Another category of the smart