March 17, 2010

IBM Adding Development and Test Offering to Public Cloud

Last June, IBM began offering private cloud services for application development and testing, and now it will begin offering a public cloud option as well. Having a cloud-based infrastructure available allows developers to tap into additional resources for development and testing as they are needed. Not only does that provide

Free Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Released

At its Mix 10 conference, Microsoft released free versions Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 multimedia toolkit, both equipped with an emulator for the Windows Phone 7 OS. In addition, the company announced the availability of a beta version of Expression Blend 4, a GUI-oriented design and code-generating toolkit,

Application Mashups Require Strong Security Approach

Forrester Research analyst Mike Gualtieri worries that developers are not adequately accounting for third-party services and APIs in their threat modeling of Web applications. “Developers are not adjusting,” he said. “They are just passing credentials and not worrying about it.” Several experts offer suggestions for dealing with the additional threats

5 Reasons Good Ideas Go Bad

Getting an idea from conception to implementation can be a disheartening experience in any company. I’ve seen good ideas go unrealized not so much due to resistance in the enterprise, but rather because the idea was not adequately proposed at the onset. Yet, you can avoid having your work sent