March 18, 2010

Mobile Application Developers and the Quest for Cash

TechNewsWorld says that developers are in fact making money building apps for smartphones, and they’re doing it in several ways: Selling apps directly to consumers Licensing apps to resellers or licensing technology to other companies Creating custom apps for enterprises While researchers predict that eight out of ten apps will

Android Wins Over Open Source Mobile Developers

According to the latest research from Black Duck Software, 2009 was a pretty good year for mobile open-source projects. Developers started 903 new mobile open-source projects for a 39 percent increase over 2008. In addition, the study found that Android is becoming the platform of choice for open-source developers. A

Microsoft Pledges HTML 5 Web Standard Support in Internet Explorer 9

At the Mix10 conference, Microsoft unveiled a preview of Internet Explorer 9. The most notable change to the browser is greater support for HTML5, which could make it easier to create Web apps that work across multiple browsers. “We love HTML 5 so much, we want it to actually work

Mobile Application Sales to Reach ‘$17.5bn by 2012’

Getjar, the world’s second largest mobile app store, has just published a study that predicts that mobile application sales will grow to $17.5 billion within two years. During the same time, the company expects app downloads to grow to 50 billion, for a 92 percent year-over-year increase. The company warns

There is REST for the Weary Developer

REST, or Representational State Transfer, is a style of software architecture for accessing information on the Web. The RESTful service refers to web services as resources that use XML over the http protocol. The term REST dates back to 2000, when Roy Fielding used it in his doctoral dissertation.The W3C