March 25, 2010

How to Set Up Android Platform Development and Debugging

If you’re an application developer working on Android apps with the Java-based SDK, you’ll find plenty of documentation. If you want to work at the platform level, you’ll find much less assistance. In an attempt to fill that void, this article points you to the Web sites where you can

Eclipse Readies Workbench Upgrade

At the EclipseCon conference, Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse’s executive director, unveiled a few details about the summer release of Eclipse SDK 4.0 (e4). He said the new platform will offer a more services-oriented approach to application development. Milinkovich added, “They’ve really refined what the Eclipse platform does down to what [builders]

Implementing a Representational State Transfer (REST) Framework

This is a continuation of my previous article about RESTful web services, “There is REST for the Weary Developer.” This article explains a proof of concept for implementing a REST framework using servlets.OverviewThe proof of concept has one xsd, three Java classes, one jsp page, and web.xml as described below.