April 1, 2010

Google Gives Flash Some Hope for The Future

With Apple forbidding Flash on the iPhone and iPad, and developers looking to Silverlight and HTML5, Adobe hasn’t had a lot of good Flash news lately. However, that may be about to change. Google has announced that it has been working to integrate a Flash player into the Chrome browser.

7 Performance Tips For Faster SQL Queries

No matter which platform they use, many SQL developers continue to struggle with concurrency, resource management, space management, and speed. These tips may help: Don’t use UPDATE instead of CASE Don’t blindly reuse code Do pull only the number of columns you need Don’t double-dip Do know when to use

Gmail Becomes an App Platform

Beginning today, developers have the ability to create mashups based on the actual contents of users’ Gmail inboxes. That’s because Google Code Labs has enabled OAuth for Gmail. The tool gives users the option of giving third parties access to their accounts, but does not reveal their passwords to those

Predicting Your Firm’s Future with Least Squares, Part II

Linear least squares lets you find the line that best fits a set of data points but sometimes the points don’t lie along a line. The second part of this two-part article explains how you can use polynomial least squares to find curves that fit your data.As the first part